AUGUST 15th 10AM - 4PM

CFMC Family Fun Day

At CFMC, we make it our mission to provide quality, affordable healthcare to everyone and to educate our community and raise awareness about our essential cause.

CFMC chooses one day out of this week to give our wonderful community a FREE day of fun, food, and festivities.

The annual Family Fun Day event is our biggest community event of the year! In 2017 we had over 400 Caswell (and surrounding areas) residents come out to partake in the festivities. That’s AMAZING!!

August 12th through August 18th of 2018 was this year’s National Health Center Week and just like last year, it didn’t disappoint. Once again we had a tremendous turnout from the community and beyond.

Thank you, Caswell County and every single one of our sponsors who make each year’s event possible. CFMC’s board, staff, and providers all appreciate every single one of you greatly!


What will I see at the CFMC Family Fun Day?

Family fun day has provided the community with clowns, the tooth fairy, a bounce house, balloon animals, face painting, various vendors from Caswell and surrounding areas, and of course, FREE FOOD!!!!

The food trucks are always a huge hit. 2018 was even better, so make sure you keep checking back here to see updates, including the date of future events so you can mark your calendar and be a part of the fun!

Oh Lordy, Look Who’s Forty!

This year, we are not only celebrating our wonderful citizens of Caswell with this event, but we are celebrating 40 YEARS OF SERVICE to our community.

Much like 40 years ago, CFMC realizes an overwhelming amount of potential to be had with the services our Medical Center provides. What started out as an idea to provide health care to Caswell County has grown into a unique opportunity to break down barriers and give access to healthcare providers and services at an affordable cost without sacrificing excellence in care.

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished for the community and we look forward to another 40 years of excellence in healthcare!

In honor of our 40 years of service, we began our 40 for 40 campaign via Caswell Cares. Those who gave $40 for every year of service CFMC has been in Caswell County were honored with their name on a beautiful wall plaque that will hang in our lobby.