CFMC at the Caswell County Health Department

Access to behavioral health services just got even easier in Caswell County, NC.

Behavioral health services is now offered at the Caswell County Health Department in Yanceyville, NC for people of all ages. Our licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) will be on-site at the Health Department to provide services as a Community-Based Behavioral Health Clinician.

A Community-Based Behavioral Health Clinician will help ensure lasting, positive changes in families with the goal of improving lives in our community. We are there to focus on your behavioral health needs by covering a wide range of behavioral and mental health challenges of youth and families in the Caswell community.

About Caswell County Health Department

The Caswell County Health Department in Yanceyville, NC offers health services to people of all ages from child to aging adult, as well as nutritional services to the community.

Caswell Family Medical Center has teamed up with the Health Department to ensure our beloved community has access to community-based behavioral health services. CFMC has placed a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at the Health Department and will be accepting patients of all ages.

For community-based behavioral health services, please call 336-694-4129.

Community-Based Behavioral Health Services at Caswell County Health Department

Addressing the Whole Person Physically & Mentally