Caswell Family Medical Center Awarded the Darkness to Light Partner in Prevention™ Distinction for 2017-2018

Staff Members Trained in Award-Winning Stewards of Children® Program for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

Caswell Family Medical Center has achieved “Partner in Prevention” status, a designation awarded by the nonprofit Darkness to Light to organizations which take extra steps to protect the children they serve by training staff to understand the issue of child sexual abuse, identify unsafe situations and practices, and react responsibly in the best interest of the children they serve.

Caswell County Generator Project

Citizens of Caswell County, NC now have a place of refuge during a catastrophic event

Yanceyville, NC, March 22, 2017– Several years ago, Shirley Deal, Former CEO of Caswell Family Medical Center (CFMC), recognized a significant need in Caswell County. CFMC had been (and still is) designated as the community’s “Special Needs Shelter”. During a time of environmental crisis, at the direction of Caswell County’s Emergency Services Director, CFMC would provide a refuge to those in the community who required life sustaining medical equipment, like respirators or IV’s. Even though the designation was in place, the reality was that if the Town of Yanceyville was without power, CFMC would also be without power.

The Importance of “Establishing” with a Primary Care Provider

Maybe you’re young, healthy and very, very busy. Maybe you’re not as young as you used to be and see specialists regularly for heart issues or women’s health. Do you really need a primary care provider? The short answer: “Yes, you do.”

For those who would say that you’re perfectly healthy and always have been with the exception of that broken arm in the third grade and the occasional cold, guess what? You still need a primary care provider.

For those that say, "I’ve been to Caswell Family Medical Center in the past – does that mean they are my primary care provider?" Here’s where it gets tricky: If you’ve ever ‘walked in’ to CFMC and only been seen for a cold or another acute issue, you would be considered a past patient of CFMC, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are established for primary care.  

Sports Physicals Caswell County NC

The media has told of nightmares from across the country involving students passing away from major coronary events and other health conditions while playing sports. One case of this is one case too many. CFMC is committed to reducing the likelihood of this becoming a reality in Caswell County. As such, CFMC will no longer offer off-site, brief sports physicals like has been the case in the past. We will, however, gladly complete the school’s sports physical form on any patient who has had a well-child check with us in the last 6 months.

Walk Ins at CFMC

Are Walk-Ins Welcome at Caswell Family Medical Center?

It's true. As a general rule, CFMC is no longer offering care on a 'walk-in' basis. We do, however, offer established patients with access to 'same day appointments'. Also, we understand that there are times when people in our community have major medical emergencies and traveling a long distance to one of the emergency rooms in surrounding counties is unreasonable. In those situations, it is not uncommon for people to walk into our office, where staff immediately respond to help stabilize the condition until EMS can get there to provide emergency transport. CFMC is not an emergency room, but CFMC is committed to playing a key role in addressing crisis situations to the best of our ability.

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