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CFMC AWARDED Organizational Capacity GRANT from Danville Regional Foundation

Yanceyville, NC, September 18, 2017– It started in early 2017.  CFMC participated in a learning collaborative hosted by the Danville Regional Foundation (DRF).  Under the direction of TCC Group, a consulting firm based in New York, CFMC completed a Core Capacity Assessment Test (“CCAT”).  The outcome of the assessment determined that CFMC was in an organizational life cycle stage known as Infrastructure Development.

CFMC’s First Official Summer Internship Comes to a Close

Caswell Family Medical Center (CFMC) launched the organization’s first summer internship opportunity in 2017.  Students were required to apply for the position online via CFMC’s web site, and were screened as would be the case for any other applicant seeking employment with CFMC, but were screened with a very specific project in mind:  Reaching out to NC Medicaid patients that have been assigned to CFMC but who have not been to CFMC nor any other primary care provider in the last year.

Caswell Family Medical Center Receives Federal Grant Award to Continue Quality Improvement Efforts

On August 15, 2017, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced awards to over 1,333 community health center organizations.

The awards valued over $105 million and are designed to facilitate the continued growth of quality efforts based on achievements in 2016.  For Caswell Family Medical Center, this means an additional $45,543.00 sum that will be used to improve the organization’s quality, efficiency and effectiveness.

Caswell County Fun Day

Caswell Family Medical Center (CFMC) hosts their fourth annual Family Fun Day. 

This event is always coordinated as part of what’s known as “National Health Center Week”, which is a time when organizations like CFMC join together in celebrating outstanding work: providing high quality, cost effective, accessible care while serving as critical economic engines that help power local economies.

Free Family Fun Day

Come join us for a fun-filled free family day at Caswell Family Medical Center on August 16th from 10am to 4pm.

Free food from your choice of Harry O's BBQ or Hot Diggity Dog! PLUS... free dessert from the Busy Bee Coffee Company food truck!

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