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CFMC AWARDED Organizational Capacity GRANT from Danville Regional Foundation

Yanceyville, NC, September 18, 2017– It started in early 2017.  CFMC participated in a learning collaborative hosted by the Danville Regional Foundation (DRF).  Under the direction of TCC Group, a consulting firm based in New York, CFMC completed a Core Capacity Assessment Test (“CCAT”).  The outcome of the assessment determined that CFMC was in an organizational life cycle stage known as Infrastructure Development.

“This process was very enlightening,” said William Crumpton, CFMC’s Chief Executive Officer.  “CFMC’s full leadership team and several members of the Board of Directors participated and, in the end, we learned a lot about ourselves as an organization.”

CFMC’s CCAT highlighted the need for the organization to decrease staff turnover, provide constructive feedback for better staff development, and to empower staff to reflect on their work, operate efficiently and feel rewarded.  In terms of leadership, CCAT results indicate that organizational leadership needs to better empower staff and board members to clearly describe the mission, vision, and goals of the organization. 

Since having completed the assessment, CFMC has spent time developing a strategy in which the findings from CCAT could be used as knowledge from which the organization could grow.  “Thanks to DRF having just awarded us an organizational capacity building grant, we’re going to be able to do that!” says Crumpton.

With financial support from DRF, CFMC will be able to invest in a process through which staff at all levels of the organization will be involved in developing a set of core values.  These core values will further develop the organization’s ability to drive vision toward achieving its mission.  What’s expected to be at least a six-month process, has already begun.  The strategy used to develop CFMC’s values is one that was established and published in a book called “Built on Values”, by author Ann Rhoades who has led similar work for JetBlue and other companies known for “their trailblazing corporate cultures”.  CFMC is fortunate to have identified expertise local to North Carolina that has been mentored by Ann and looks forward to raising the bar of expectation higher than ever in terms of what employees can expect from each other, and from what patients can expect when they receive care from CFMC. 

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