Caswell Family Medical Center has been honored with the 2016 Ernest B. Messer Award

Yanceyville, NC, February 10, 2017– Caswell Family Medical Center (CFMC) is humbled to receive the 2016 Ernest B. Messer Award for its demonstrated commitment to providing quality care to everyone, including the aging and disabled, through a “House Calls” program.

The North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services recognizes excellence in addressing needs of Caswell County’s aging and disabled population.

“Caswell Family Medical Center has been a dependable source of quality healthcare for a long time. The organization's 38-year history proves commitment to our mission through the development of creative solutions capable of providing access to care to everyone – including the members of our community that are bed-bound.
"Access to care should not be limited to those fortunate enough to be able to make it to our office.” – William Crumpton, CEO, Caswell Family Medical Center


Adrienne Calhoun with the Piedmont Triad Regional Council Agency on Aging nominated CFMC for the award. Adrienne serves on the County Aging Planning Committee and has heard stories firsthand about the House Calls program.


“Since the inception of the House Calls program at CFMC, many powerful stories have been shared with the County Aging Planning Committee.
With Caswell growing in older adults and medical needs on the rise, a program like this is vital in a rural community. This award is about community, and this program is so deserving.” - Adrienne Calhoun, Assistant Director with the Piedmont Triad Regional Council Area Agency on Aging


Among other community leaders, Caswell County Commissioners Nate Hall, David Owen and Rick McVey were present as the award was presented on Friday, February 10, 2017 to CFMC by Suzanne Merrill, NC Division of Aging and Adult Services Director.


“The Ernest B. Messer Award is a prestigious award given once per year to a worthy organization that honors Messer’s tireless work in North Carolina’s General Assembly. Messer was known as “a champion for aging”. - Suzanne Merrill



Also among those in attendance were Dolly Clayton, Health Director, Caswell County Health Department, Bryan Miller, County Manager, David Wilson and Sylvia Banks, both CFMC board members.

During the award ceremony, an update was given on the status of the House Calls program:


“The last few years have not been easy for CFMC. Transitions among members of the organization’s medical staff during a time of national shortages has required the organization to implement strategies that have ensured access to those that have most critically needed us. This has been especially hard for the House Calls program. Meredith Harris, FNP has expanded her scope to include being the designated House Calls provider, but she is only able to do this one morning per week. I understand why some members of our community would have decided to seek care elsewhere. However, on behalf of the staff and board of CFMC, I extend a personal promise to continue our efforts to rebuild. We have made significant strides since May, 2016 and are quickly rounding the corner. We want to reassure the community that are hearts and mission are as committed as they have ever been to being a dependable source of quality healthcare for everyone in our community. We are spending a tremendous amount of time and energy looking at everything we do to identify strategies that will not only regain the respect and trust of those that question us, but to exceed the level of expectation. Our goal is to set a new bar for expectation not only for ourselves, but for the region’s healthcare delivery system as a whole. The capacity of our House Calls program is limited only by our ability to recruit medical staff, and we are actively doing everything possible to address this. If you know a doctor, nurse practitioner or physicians assistant that would be interested in joining our team, please have them contact us. I promise: they will not be happier working anywhere else.” - William Crumpton


Caswell Family Medical Center is committed to a vision of excellence and proudly serves Caswell County, NC and surrounding communities with compassionate, patient-centered healthcare since 1978. CFMC is a not-for-profit organization guided by a dedicated board of directors representing the communities CFMC serves.

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