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Caswell Family Medical Center receives $25,000 grant to replace dated radiology equipment

Yanceyville, NC, January 24, 2017– Caswell Family Medical Center (CFMC) is the proud recipient of a $25,000 grant to replace existing, outdated radiology equipment within the CFMC organization. The grant has been awarded by the Community Foundation of the Dan River Region.



“Caswell Family Medical Center is the only facility in Caswell County with radiology equipment, which is why this grant is so important. With the funds from this grant, CFMC will be able to provide the same excellent radiology service, but with an updated, more modern technology that consistently works! We’re very excited!”
– William Crumpton, CEO, Caswell Family Medical Center


CFMC currently utilizes equipment referred to as “Computer Radiology”, or “CR”. Like most technology, the CR equipment performs well, but it has passed its prime and is well on its way to becoming obsolete.

The greater problem that this grant solves, though, is that the equipment at CFMC is no longer serviceable, and is in a constant need of repair.  Temporary solutions have been applied over the past couple years, but since parts are no longer available from the manufacturer, CFMC knows that they are on borrowed time.  Dependability on the current equipment is questionable daily, and has been ‘down’ over 20 times in the last twelve months.

Routine X-rays are provided to patients, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Chest X-rays
  • Back X-rays
  • Extremities

Why New Radiology Equipment is Necessary

Lois Angle, CFMC’s expert Radiology and Lab Tech weighs in on the importance of upgrading the radiology equipment currently on site at CFMC.

“Since we are the only facility in Caswell County that has radiology equipment, it is important to keep our equipment up and running. Our current radiology equipment is well over a decade old, but another reason this change is important is because Medicare says that all X-rays must be in digital, or “DR” form. Currently, we only have “CR” equipment and an outdated computer.” – Lois Angle, Radiology/Lab Tech, Caswell Family Medical Center

Angle has been with CFMC for over 32 years and has seen quite a few changes in her tenure, mainly since the addition of CEO, William Crumpton.

“I’ve seen quite a few positive changes since Billy has come on board as our CEO”, says Angle “He’s quite the visionary and I’m proud to be a part of what’s coming in our near future. The addition of new radiology equipment is just one of many upgrades I believe the public is going to see, and it’s an exciting time to be a part of the growth.”

The Benefit to Caswell County

CFMC actively partners with the Health Department to offer chest X-rays for individuals as part of the Health Department’s work to follow-up on positive TB skin tests. CFMC is also available to provide radiology services in partnership with other health care organizations.

Any organization interested in partnering with CFMC in this way is encouraged to contact Ryan Millner at 336-694-1181, ext 242.

Caswell Family Medical Center is committed to a vision of excellence and proudly serves Caswell County, NC and surrounding communities with compassionate, patient-centered healthcare since 1978. CFMC is a not-for-profit organization guided by a dedicated board of directors representing the communities CFMC serves.

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